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Gravity ‘standard’ picks

These are great picks
I had one free with a JHS AT pedal sometime ago.
I thought - nah !! Not for me !
As i usually like the Jim Dunlop small Jazz picks.

Just sat there on the home studio desk for a long time - then oneday i gave it a whirl!!

Wow!! Such a great pick - such definition of sound - and i found i could play just a little bit faster and cleaner !!

Quite amazing really - then I misplaced it
It’s around somewhere !!

So!! Bought 2 more - they are great - and used one of them on the gig last nite.

Gravity - kindly gave me an extra pick free in the order

Very happy to give this glowing review

Aaron Woolley - guitar teacher/performer/session musician - Perth WA

Great tone & playability

Great tone & playability

More Gravity Picks

I got my first right after they first came on market a few years ago...not really knowing what I was getting. Used them but ended up losing them as they were all the clear ones and wife would not see them on shelf or mantle when she cleaned...wiping to floor and they just got ate by the pick monster. Decided I wanted something besides the Dunlop Tortex...and got a variety pack but also a pack of the thin picks as I was starting back at guitar and wanted to learn to strum with a pick rather than fingers. I love them. The textured back helps with retention...they wear great and I think Gravity will be my standard pick going forward. Thank you.

Gravity Picks

Great response and attack. So good to angle the strings with alternate, economy and sweep picking.

Amazing Purchase

I had gotten a variety pack a while ago and found the one I really liked. I ordered some of those exact picks just in different colors and I couldn't be happier. They feel great and have amazing playability. Would definitely recommend!

Excellent picks!

Simply The Best

My First Choice in Picks: Nothing feels or SOUNDS like Gravity Picks.
To me, a must-have "sound" accessor!!!y

Great picks, plenty of size and shapes.

Wouldn’t mind more color options.

My new favorite picks

I love these picks they really play well and feel awesome thank you


Excellent picks!

Thank you JHS Pedals!

Thanks to receiving one of these in my JHS Pedal order, I'm now a fan. Only been using it for a week or so and we'll see if anything changes, but so far I like mine a lot. When I saw it I feared it would be slippery, but somehow it's not. Good stuff. Also, Darren Globe's "review" should definitely be deleted since he admits he hasn't even received the picks! I can't stand reviews like that. If you have a problem with shipping, take it up elsewhere. It's not the fault of the pick. 🤦🏻‍♂️


I've been using the 3mm sunrise mini now for over a year now. It is, hands down, the best pick I've ever played with and has changed me as a player. No joke. They have become an integral part of my playing. And speaking to the aesthetic, my recent order was a custom image set and they came out absolutely amazing. Thank you gravity for such an amazing tool.

Lonnie 003s

They feel amazing and I will definitely be ordering more!

Amazing picks

Never expected anything this good. Will buy for sure in the future again


These picks are just great. If you havent tried them give it a shot. The customer service is en pointe.

Classic Gold

Custom = Hell Yeah!

The same feel, sound & last of Gravity Picks but customized, what else could you possibly ask? The ultimate pick, exactly as you want it to be.

Awesome as always!

First of all, they came really quickly to my country (México) so, that's pretty cool. The picks are premium, they feel awesome, sound loud, and they last a long time, no jokes. Really happy with them. Awesome as always!

I love it!

I originally got one of these when I bought a JHS Sweet Tea.
The pick quickly became my favorite, but I lost it while playing a show.
So when I saw that you were doing a small run of them, I immediately got another one!
Love the picks, guys!

polished performer

Nice!.... just like its red counterpart

the order not yet arrived

As I haven't received my order, I won't be able to comment on your products yet. Will do when I've received the goods. regards

Not Yet

I haven't received the Gravity picks yet.

Variety Pack

I first got turned on to Gravity picks back about maybe 8+ years ago...with my acoustic. Lost the pick and life too precedent over guitars. Recently picked it back up and ordered a variety pack so could try flexibility for strumming vs picking on both acoustic and electric H-535 semihollow. Fell back in love with them.... Great product..easier to grip than my Dunlop picks. Going to identify a couple different ones and order extras so I never run out again. ;)

other side of this

Had to try the unpolished just because know (im a guitar player)...I ended up buffing them out, but for fan of these are well worth trying.

Best picks ever

They just feel great in my fingers